Kumeu River Mate's Vyrd Chardonnay 2012

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🇳🇿 Kumeu River "Mate's Vineyard" 2012 Chardonnay, Auckland 🍷 In the 1990's previous owner Maté Braikovish, reworked the land of Kumeu and replanted the vineyards with the Chardonnay varietal. The first vineyards were harvested in 1993, the year following Maté's death. The vineyards were renamed after the late owner and still produces wines that are recognized as superior amongst New Zealand Chardonnays. 2012 was a spectacular vintage across the board. The wine is light gold with aromas of sweet pear, and bright citrus. The palate is concentrated with bright and lengthy acidity. 🍴 Grilled Prawns, crispy potatoes and Siracha emulsion