D'Oliverias Madeira 1977

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πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή Pereira d'Oliviera 1997 Terrantez, Madeira 🍷 D'Oliviera is a classic Madeira shipper and one of the few houses to survive the pre phylloxera era. Terrantez is a white grape varietal found in the region and is practically extinct nowadays. This style of Terrantez vintage Madeira can be found in two styles, dry or very rich and sweet, making this gem one of the best grape varietals to gain a beautiful complexity after long aging. On the nose: roasted aromas of coffee, toffee and hazelnut followed by rich notes on the palate such as cardamon and salted caramel covered in chocolate. This is a medium dry style of Madeira with a medium body and long finish. 🍴 Coffee flavored pound cake with dulce de Leche ice cream or Toasted cinnamon rolls with a hazelnut spread