Chateau Latour Grand Cru 2003

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🇫🇷 Chateau Latour, Paulliac, FR 2003🍷 The infamous fortress on the Latour label was used for practical purposes in the 100 year war.  Built in 1331 the "Tour de Saint Maubert" was used to guard the estuary by Breton soldiers.  Alexandre de Segur, had a hand in many vineyards at the time, and he acquired Latour through a series of inheritances and marriages.  In 1767, the wine was selling for 20 times as much as Bordeaux wine and today, a first growth Bordeaux is one of the most sought after wines money can buy.  After 30 years of British control, Francois Pinault bought the remaining shares and brought the chateau back to French control.  Cassis,  fresh flowers, and sandalwood dominate the nose with chocolate undertones.  The palate is full bodied with and extremely long finish🍴 Grilled venison with bordelaise and pureed turnips