Château Gaby Cuvée 2012 Gift Box Set

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Château  Gaby Cuvée 2012

Canon Fronsac – Bordeaux

Gift Box Set



                            The Story of Le Grand Classement Competition of Bordeaux


            In 2012, a competition was held in Bordeaux, France to determine who made the best red wine. Five Hundred and ninety-six of the most important Bordeaux wines were blind tested in over 90 sessions by over 180 wine connoisseurs. To ensure this contest focused only on the wine all the bottles were purchased in retail stories and then wrapped in brown paper for the blind tasting. The winner turned out to be a small vineyard from Canon Fronsac – The Château Gaby Cuvée came in #1!


We are happy to offer you this outstanding wine and beautiful box set this Holiday season! This is the perfect gift for any Bordeaux lover! Purchase of this Gift Box Set includes one 750ml bottle of the 2012 Château Gaby Cuvée, two Château Gaby Bordeaux wine glasses, a beautiful hand crafted Château Gaby wooden box, gift wrapping and delivery.